Billion-dollar hedge fund managers don't guess when it comes to trading.  They use a specific method to know what works and what doesn't.  Now you can do the same and have all the hard work done for you...

"Are You Tired of Losing Confidence In Your System
With a Few Losing Trades?

Are You Tired of Struggling With The Discipline
To Stick To Your System?

Eliminate Doubt, Anxiety, Fear and Frustration
With A New Breakthrough Trading Tool

That Shows You The True Profit-Potential
Of Your Trading System - To The DOLLAR!"

Faster and easier than you ever thought possible, you can have the answers to the following questions (and many more):

  • How much money is your trading system REALLY capable of producing?

  • Is it more than you've been seeing? 

  • Will it really make you as much as you expect? 

  • Is it NOT even capable of producing what you HOPE it will?

  • How much of a drawdown might your system expose you to (even when traded perfectly according to the system and rules)?

Don't go on hope, faith or outrageous claims any more!

KNOW the true profit-potential of your system - to the dollar!

Here's how and a great tool for knowing ALL of the strengths and weaknesses of a trading system. Continue reading to discover all that you've been missing...

From the desk of:  Brian McAboy,
Featured on the Chicago Board of Trade

Date:  Tuesday May 8, 2007

Dear Fellow Trader,

Do you ever lose sleep over your trading? 

I know I did years ago, and the fear of losing money yet again would even interfere with my ability to function at work.  It would also make relaxing and enjoying my time with my wife and kids nearly impossible often times. 

The emotional roller-coaster can be tremendously exhausting.

On one hand, you have the excitement and the lure of all that money to be made, and the thrill of hitting those winners when they come.  Wow, what a rush!

And on the other hand you have all the fear and anxiety of losing your shirt, plus the all the regret when you do things that you know you shouldn't and do suffer the big losses or miss out on the profits you had in hand, but let slip away.

Easy to understand.  You've got hundreds or thousands of dollars at stake with every trade, every day. 

How would it feel if you had $100,000,000 at risk?

Billion-dollar hedge fund managers know what it's like because they do have huge amounts at risk, but they don't lose any sleep.  As a matter of fact, they sleep like babies.  Even though their careers are on the line every day, they're fine. 

So How Can The Big Fund Managers Sleep So Well,
With So Much Money At Risk Every Day?

Now of course they have resources available to them that maybe you and I can't afford, but they are dealing with the same markets, same unpredictability. 

What they do differently, their "secret weapon", is looking beyond the bottom line when it comes to their system. 

They analyze, measure and track
particular aspects of the trading system that make it profitable, NOT just the bottom line.

Before they start any given day, week or month, they KNOW what their critical trading metrics are - to the dollar.

They don't rely on hope - they have too much riding on their success.  They go into their trading KNOWING what to expect.

Trading system analysis, measurement and tracking is what gives them the edge, the confidence, and the peace of mind.

You can give yourself the same edge - without having to hire a team of analysts or computer programmers!

Not sure how to properly analyze your trading system? 

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about it,
and if you do it incorrectly, your efforts are likely to be wasted and potentially cost you money!

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Confidence Begins With Analysis and Measurement

Fear, anxiety, stress all stem from not knowing what to reasonably expect in sufficient detail, leaving you to rely on hope.

This is one of the main reasons why so many emotional issues can be nearly impossible to get past for individual traders.

Without have a clear idea of what to expect, it is extremely difficult to have true confidence in your trading.

Analysis fills in the blanks, the unknowns.  That knowing is the basis for real confidence, rather than hope.

Measurement leads to improvement.

Measured improvement leads to intentional and knowing increased profits.

"In order to realize significant improvement in anything,
you must first have a way to measure it."

- Dr. William Edward Deming
(The man behind the Quality rise of the Japanese automakers)

"To measure is to know."

- Lord Kelvin, Physicist

“To continuously improve,
you need to truly understand how you’re performing.”

- Allan Gross, Principal of the Vanguard Group

Get it now

Featuring four incredibly powerful components:
  • The Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator

  • The Performance Analyzer

  • The Performance Tracker

  • The Trading System Scorecard

The first simple, complete and user-friendly trading tool that allows you to measure, analyze, and track your trading, and gives you all your critical trading system metrics.

Enjoy the confidence, comfortable discipline and peace of mind that the pro's do - faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

The Trading Performance Analyzer is a set of easy-to-use spreadsheets that help you:
  • Be a better trader - because you now will be trading in a knowing, confident manner. 

    You'll see AND FEEL your confidence, discipline and consistency skyrocket!

    NO MORE risking your capital on 'hope' or 'wishful thinking'!

  • Make more money - because now you will make measured and calculated improvements that are supported with realistic and actual numbers.

    NO MORE going on guesswork or opinions!

  • Get - and keep - a solid handle on your emotions - because clarity and perspective will be brought to your trading. 

    NO MORE anxiety, false-hopes or vague expectations!

"In fact, I can't imagine successfully trading without it now."
Just a note of thanks to you for the TPA. I have been back testing a new (to me) system and plugging the results into the analyzer. The information that it gives me is vital to understanding what this or any system can do. It is giving me a confidence in my system that otherwise might have been shaken by a few small losses.
I have to admit, when I first got this I thought it was a cool 'toy', and figured I'd use it some time to track trades or something. Little did I know it would prove to be such a powerful learning tool. In fact, I can't imagine successfully trading without it now. I also have to admit that I didn't really 'get' everything you were talking about regarding psychology and how proper planning helps you to be better prepared mentally for the ups and downs of trading, but since I actually began to make use of this, it sort of pulls everything together. In fact, I think I'll go back and re read everything again and see how much I really missed the first time around!
Thanks again for something that really is helpful."
Richard Daniels
St. Louis, MO

"Using the TPA has given me the confidence to stick with my system."

I'd always wanted to see how consistent I was each month but before using the Trading Performance Analyzer I had no idea how one month compared to another.   Now I can see my results from month to month.

I had a month that was lower than expected so I was able to go back through my trading journal and review my trades.  I found some mistakes I had made and was able to correct them.  Every month since then has been consistently where I want it.

With the TPA I'm able to see my results and it helps to keep me on track.  I like being able to easily see my P/L ratio, winning trades % and the number of trades which has kept me from over trading.  And being able to see my risk/reward ratio has really helped me improve in that area.

I was testing three systems but really had no idea how they were performing.  The backtesting feature made this easy to see.  Two systems did not perform well and had too much of a drawdown even when following my strict money management rules.  The third showed good results and I've been very profitable with it for the past six months.

Using the TPA has given me the confidence to stick with my system.  Now I can see all of my results and as long as I stick to my rules I now know I can stay consistently profitable."

Matt Anderson
Cape Coral, FL

Addresses Many Emotional Issues At Their Source

As a matter of fact, the primary reason why I created the Trading Performance Analyzer in the first place was to help you more effectively deal with the emotional aspects of trading.

One of the main contributors to anxiety, stress, frustration and discipline issues is the lack of clear, calculated and supported information. 

It is the 'unknowns' that create 'hope' and fear that cause so many other problems. 

It is not knowing what to expect - realistically - that is at the root of so many issues.

When you can MEASURE your trading - beyond simple profit & loss - and have clear numbers that are calculated and realistic, then many of your troubling emotions are addressed at their source!

By having solid, realistic numbers rather than only vague or hopeful expectations, your trading system metrics give you that confident KNOWING and level of certainty that you've been missing in your trading.

Component #1:

The Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator

Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator

The Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator (TSPPC) is like having X-Ray vision when looking at your system.

The Profit-Potential Calculator gives you 24 specific and critical metrics.

Trading system metrics are the measurable aspects of a trading system that tell you precisely how good (or bad) a trading system is - in hard-numbers and dollars, not subjective terms like "good", "great" or "mediocre".

Here are just a FEW of the metrics:
  • The true profit-potential of the system - in dollars

    If the true profit-potential of your trading system is only $4,000 a month, yet you're expecting to make $10,000 with it, you'll always be disappointed and frustrated. 

    Erroneous or vague expectations are what lead to anxiety.

    When you KNOW how much to realistically anticipate, you can then look to see what needs to happen to reach your goals.  You can relax and feel truly confident in what you're doing.

    Eliminate anxiety, false hope, disappointment and frustration that come from overly-optimistic expectations!

  • The actual average profit-per-trade. 

    When you know how much every single trade is worth, it makes it so much easier to go ahead and place the trade and to take action when the time is right.

    Eliminate hesitation!

  • The maximum drawdown. 

    When you don't know what kind of drawdown is inherent to your system, all it takes is a handful of losing trades to kill your confidence and faith in your system.  

    The temptation to deviate from your system to stop the losses is almost irresistable.

    You want to start winning again and stop the anguish.

    So you start 'bending the rules' or just plain not following them at all, because you've lost confidence in your system.

    But when you KNOW what kind of drawdown may occur with your system and still be profitable at the end of the month, it makes it so much easier to deal with.

    You'll maintain your confidence and your discipline - without so much struggle - because you know it's inherent to your system and not a failure of the system. 

    Plus when the drawdown is over, you'll still be sticking with your system to reap the profits that are there to be had.

  • Actual winning percentage AND real profit-to-loss ratio.

    A lot of traders look primarily at the winning percentage, but if the profit-to-loss ratio isn't where it needs to be, then the losers will keep wiping out your profits.

    You need to have BOTH in line to be making money at the end of the month.

    When you see exactly what they are and how they work together, you'll improve your bottom line, methodically and intentionally.

  • Dollar amount of the average winning trade

    If you've been cutting you winners short out of fear, then this is tremendously helpful - because now you have a more realistic number for a reference point instead of another 'unknown'.

    You'll let your winners run to higher numbers - and greater profits!

  • Dollar amount of the average losing trade

    Again, having a realistic reference point makes it so much easier to take the right action at the right time - because you're not going on hope any more.  You KNOW what to expect.

    You'll keep your losing trades in line with your intended risk - instead of letting them get out of hand!

  • PLUS 19 more metrics to take the guesswork out of your trading!

But That's Only The Beginning...

When you can analyze a trading system and see its strengths and weaknesses in clear numbers, it opens a whole new world of trading for you

You can use the Trading System Profit-Potential Calculator to make your trading much more profitable - all without having to risk a penny in the markets with real dollars to find out.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use it:

  • Establish the 'benchmark' for your current trading system

    When you backtest a system, you get to see what the potential for it truly is, when you trade it perfectly according to the rules.

    By looking at the numbers and seeing what you can realistically expect from it, then many of the nagging emotions are automatically put at bay

    No more hoping that it can make you what you want. 

    Put it to the test and find out in an exact dollar amount!

  • Compare trading systems to see which is more profitable!

    Many traders have more than one system that they are working with or at least considering. 

    The problem is that finding out which one is best can be both difficult and very costly because without a means of determining which one is best may leave you with a huge drawdown that is unacceptable, or lower profits than you expect.

    Using the Profit-Potential Calculator, you can compare the profit-potential of each PLUS the maximum drawdown and the other metrics. 

    This will save you tons of time and potentially big losses!

  • Never get duped with B.S. and over-blown claims about a trading system that you buy!

    There isn't a system out there that doesn't have some HUGE claims to go with it, but only some can actually live up to the claims (or at least come close).

    Now you can find out if a system is worth a hoot and you should keep it OR return it for a refund if it's JUNK - because you have PROOF of its worth!

  • See if your system is really a good fit for your personality!

    Some systems are very profitable, but have a low winning percentage (meaning that you have to be able to stomach a lot of losing trades and still stick with it - sound familiar?).

    Some are profitable, but have a drawdown that would just plain be unacceptable.

    Using the Profit-Potential Calculator, you'll KNOW before you ever risk a dollar with any system.  Operative word:  BEFORE.  Way better than AFTER.

  • You may have a system that it profitable, but if there are aspects of it that are just plain way too far out of your comfort zones, you'll fight emotional issues.

    If you are trying to work with a system that is too far out of your comfort zones, you may never be able to keep the emotional issues out of your trading.

    Using the Profit-Potential Calculator, you can see everything about a system and know that you'll be comfortable trading it - a critical key to profitable trading!

  • Optimize your system the RIGHT way - in a calculated, reasoned and KNOWING manner.

    How often does it happen that you'll have an idea on how to make your system better?  Regularly, if you're like most traders.

    With the Profit-Potential Calculator, you can measure to see if that 'tweak' is really going to make you more money - or less!  AND you can find out without risking any money in the markets to find out!

    Now you have a hard number to go by to decide if you should proceed with it or not, but this way is SO much better than just "thinking" or "hoping" it will work.

    You have solid, calculated evidence to support your decision.  No more guessing or hoping!

Component #2:

The Performance Analyzer

The Trading Performance Analyzer

Continuous improvement to your trading is the key to greater profits, and that's the name of the game - but doing so in a calculated, supported manner.

The Performance Analyzer shows you where you have opportunities in your trading to grow your bottom line.

There are two factors that determine your profits:
  1. Your system and rules

  2. Your performance (execution of the system and rules)

Your objective as a trader is to trade your system well and realize its profit-potential.

The Analyzer gives you a measurement IN DETAIL of your overall trading performance in following your system and rules (how well you are trading) and let's you see how close you are to reaching the profit-potential of your system, again in dollars and specific numbers.

When you can see these metrics for your trading, it reinforces good trading PLUS you'll see marked improvements in your confidence, discipline and consistency.

The Analyzer gives you ALL of the metrics of the Profit-Potential Calculator PLUS your Execution Score!

Here are a few ways that you can use the Analyzer to grow your profitability:
  • Put a dollar value to discipline with your system

    Backtest your system using the Profit-Potential Calculator to see it's potential, then plug the numbers from your actual trading into the Analyzer.

    The differences that you see in the metrics are the measure or your performance, most specifically, the measure of the value of your discipline if you were following your system as you should.

    This shows you the true dollar value of discipline, of sticking to your system.

    Yes you can actually measure what avoiding the temptation to play with your trading is worth - in dollars!

    Click here to see an actual example

    When you can see in dollars what it's worth to stick to your system, that counters the urge to deviate because now you have a dollar figure right in front of you!
  • See what your REAL reward-to-risk ratio is

    Do you trade with an intended reward to risk ratio?  Most traders do.

    But is the REAL reward-to-risk ratio what you think it is? 

    If not, then you could be at greater risk than you 'think' or not making as much money as you are hoping to.

    The Analyzer gives you the real and actual reward-to-risk ratio for: winners, losers and overall.

  • Easily target root-causes to take corrective action

    When you have details about your trading - detailed numbers - then you can more easily see where to take corrective action to improve your execution.

    This helps you effectively and efficiently take specific and intentional action to make your trading more profitable!
  • Easily improve your execution through trade scoring

    Just like back in school, the feedback from your grades let you know where you needed to focus to do better.

    But simply a single grade wasn't much help.  You wanted details.

    Same goes for your trading.  Just the bottom line doesn't give you much to work with.  The Analyzer gives you the details you need regarding your trading so that you can improve your performance.

    The Analyzer lets you score each trade along with keeping a running overall score.  If you like numbers and specific feedback, you'll love this!

  • Visual reinforcement of risk management

    Managing risk is a top priority in your trading, so that you keep your profits instead of handing them to the markets.

    Losses will occur (there are no systems with 100% winners), so keeping your losing trades within your risk management rules is paramount. 

    When you keep your losses small, you want to reinforce doing the right thing.

    With the Analyzer, you put in your Per-Trade Limit and the Analyzer will flag the trades accordingly with color-coding

    Losing trades that stay within your limit are highlighted in green and those where the limit is exceeded turn red - so you can't miss it!

    Visual reinforcement of good trading!

Best of all, you can analyze your trading a month at a time, plus run all 30 metrics on your trading on a cumulative basis for reference and to see how your metrics improve over time!

Component #3:

The Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker


You want to see improvements in all areas of your trading: profits, risk management, your performance.

Measurement is the first step, and you've addressed that with the Profit-Potential Calculator and the Analyzer.

Continued improvement comes through tracking your numbers to ensure that you're always making progress - especially with your consistency.

Here are a few ways that you make that happen with the Performance Tracker:
  • Compare your numbers from month-to-month

    The Performance Tracker gives you the broad overview, a summary of your trading metrics over time so that you see with crystal clarity whether you're making progress or taking steps back.

    The summary let's you see your critical numbers for each month side-by-side for an entire year:
    • Total all losses
    • Total all profits
    • Total number of trades placed
    • Average loss ($)
    • Average Loss (% of account)
    • Maximum Drawdown
    • Average profit
    • Number of winning trades
    • Number of losing trades
    • Percent of winning trades
    • P/L ratio
    • Execution Score
    • Average return per trade ($)
    • Average return per trade (%)
    • Monthly System TEBIT
    • Monthly account ROI
    • Amount withdrawn from acct
    • Ending Balance

    Watch your numbers (and your profits) improve over time!
  • See your progress visually with the Equity Graph

    With the equity graph, you can visually watch your account grow, and if you have any down months, go back to the Analyzer for that month and fix the problems using the details that point you directly to the root cause!

  • Improve your consistency

    If you are NOT tracking your numbers it can be really difficult to see how consistent your trading is.

    By having the numbers side-by-side, it becomes crystal clear and easy to take action.

    Are you maintaining your winning percentage?

    Are you improving your profit-to-loss ratio?

    Don't THINK you are, KNOW you are!
  • See how your year is going with Year-To-Date values

    Along with looking at the numbers on a monthly basis for comparison, you can easily see how your year is shaping up, what you're tracking so far.

    At the right side of the table, the numbers are generate automatically for you, so you don't have to do it manually!
  • Make tax time and closing your books for the year a breeze

    One task that can be a real headache is pulling your numbers together for the year.

    The Performance Tracker makes that a snap because you have all your information in one place!

Component #4:

The Income Scorecard

(Click HERE to see a demo-video)

You're only as good as your last month, right?  With the scorecard you can actually see how an entire year would look if you were to trade like you did last month.

By entering four simple values,
  • Your desired annual income from your trading
  • The weekly hours you put in as a trader
  • Your tax rate
  • Your monthly costs (data feeds, subscriptions, charting services, etc)
You can also see, based on ACTUAL numbers from your trading for the last month:
  • What your annual income from trading would be

  • Your NET annual income after taxes and expenses

  • The percentage of your desired income you're making

  • Your hourly pay as a trader

  • How your trading scores with regards to how it is achieving your goals

The whole point of your efforts is to have your trading provide the LIFE you want, right? 

Now you can see it in black and white, with complete clarity and REAL numbers, if you're heading in the right direction or if you need to make some changes - and most importantly WHERE any changes will bring RESULTS!

Five Simple & Easy-to-Use SpreadSheets
Give You All Your Key Information

Get it now

"Hi Brian,
I am an experienced trader (30+ years!) and congratulate you on the advice and information you are providing to traders on your website and videos.

You are obviously an experienced trader youself with excellent resources, and I am finding your Trading Performance Analyser, in particular, a most useful tool indeed - I cannot work without it now!
Many thanks, and keep up the good work."
Nigel Smith
New Zealand

"Backtesting your system is the most critical thing you must do as a trader!

In fact, knowing a system’s metrics has been the turnaround point for so many traders that I've worked with I just can't stress its value and importance enough.

Historically, backtesting wasn’t easy, and that’s why I love the Trading Performance Analyzer. Unlike every other backtester out there, it is so easy to use, easy to understand, and includes the
critical metrics you need to take your trading to the next level.

For the difference this can make, it is an incredible bargain and I strongly recommend that you get it right now and start using it!"  

David Jenyns - Professional Trader, Coach and Author

"I have been testing/comparing two trading strategies for the last 90 days.  I have gathered data from back testing and real-time testing and plugged it into the Trading Performance Analyzer. 

I was amazed at how easy it was to determine which strategy had the biggest effect on my bottom line. 

The TPA saved me a lot of time and made the process of comparison much simpler and easier.  I will continue to use it to keep track of my method's performance from this point on.

This is an important tool for any serious trader's tool box. Thanks!"

Pat Davis, Individual Trader
Colorado Springs, CO

"I regard myself as a serious trader and monitor my trading metrics very closely.

However to get this data at the end of each month was a real chore for me, having to grind through my own clumsy Excel spreadsheets and collate information from different sources. If only there were a quicker and more efficient way ! 

Then I came across Brian McAboy’s Trading Performance Analyser.

This is a great piece of software. It is simple to use and provides all my trading metrics in a clear and concise format – all updated immediately as I enter each new trade.

I also use it to backtest trading ideas and get the real picture of a system’s performance before committing valuable trading capital.

It is so much easier to use than a lot of other more complicated software out there.

This is an essential piece of software for anyone who takes their trading seriously."

John Tomson, Individual Trader
Sydney, Australia

It's EASY - I've Done All The Hard Work For You

Instead of you spending hours wrestling with Excel and trying to figure out how to bring all this information together, I've done all the hard work for you so you can have at your fingertips all the information you want within just a few minutes each month or any time you want. 

Five easy-to-use spreadsheets that give you all the critical numbers you want, keep track of all your critical metrics as you go through the year, AND give you a look at the year ahead. 

Plus, I made sure that this is simple, user-friendly, printer-friendly and complete.

“Wow!, Talk about having everything at your fingertips. Before I got my hands on the Trading Performance Analyzer, it took me hours every month going through my trade results, seeing if I was reaching my targets and goals.

The Trading Performance Analyzer has allowed me to simply enter my trade results for the month and give me all the information I need in one easy package: from my profit-to-loss ratio, return per dollar invested, a great equity graph for visual reference, then the best part...I can now see what I'm worth an hour.

It actually gives me my hourly rate! I've never had anything tell me that before.

It has literally saved me many hours a month, and now I can see how much that is worth to me.

Brian, once again you've given my trading profits a great boost.”

- Dean Whittingham
Melbourne, Australia
The Financial Market Fisherman

The Trading Performance Analyzer is Unique

There are several aspects of the Trading Performance Analyzer that make it very different from all the other trading tools available.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use

    Unlike the other backtesting tools that are out there, this is super-simple.

    Some packages are so complicated, you almost have to be a software programmer just to begin.  Not here!

    You just open the file and immediately start gaining the benefits!

    Instead of you spending hours upon hours every month trying to bring all this mission-critical information together, your time can be spent honing your trading skills or spending it with your family.
  • Does way more than just backtesting

    There are a number of backtesting tools out there, but they just give you a snapshot of the historical data.

    They don't (or can't) give you the same Analysis power on your live trading data.

    This is a critical downfall because you really need to see how your live trading compares to your backtesting data to realize the specific improvements in your trading performance!

    Without the comparison, the backtest data by itself is almost worthless!

  • Allows you to track your live data metrics

    There are no other tools I know of which give you the detailed analysis of your monthly trading or the ability to track your monthly numbers like they are done in the Performance Tracker.

    Consistency and continous improvement are your goals, so don't cheat yourself out of the best tool to make these happen!
  • The Analyzer won't overwhelm you

    One of the most common complaints I heard about other backtesting tools is that when you open them up, they are so overwhelming that they never got used.

    What good is a tool if you never want to use it!

    This was one of the primary reasons that I wound up creating the Trading Performance Analyzer initially - because there were quite a number of traders that knew the value of their metrics and wanted a tool to use, but one that was user-friendly and wouldn't overwhelm them.

    I even had several of my clients of The Subtle Trap of Trading book help me develop the Analyzer, getting their feedback during the development, so that it would definitely 'fit the bill'.

  • Much more cost-effective than others

    When I researched the various software available, I was amazed to find that there are programs out there that cost as much as $1,500!

    Needless to say, in trading, a tool that can give you major breakthroughs would be worth that much, I just didn't see the need for that kind of a price.

    The Trading Performance Analyzer is priced so affordably that any trader can get it and benefit from it, even those trading on a shoe-string!

All in One User-Friendly and Complete Package

You can have at your fingertips the same mission-critical information the pros know is key to profitable trading through the same analysis on:
  • Your own trading - how can you make what you've already got even better?

  • Any system you purchase - should you keep it and risk your money with it, or send it back for a refund - BEFORE you've lost money with it?

  • Trading software - will it perform like they say it will?
  • Buy and sell signals and services - how good are they, in truth?

Compare systems or measure the impact of tweaks to your system before you risk money.  Save yourself tons of time and money by knowing what will work BEST.

Track your progress as you go through the year and see that you are making progress toward your goals.

Look ahead to the coming year and know what to expect.

All in one user-friendly, printer-friendly and complete package!

"The Analyzer is AWESOME!  Overall a GREAT value - Another great product from an experienced trader. 

Well done, Brian.  A definite addition to my trading toolset."

- Stan Hoffman, Individual Trader
Kingston, TN

Get it now

Benefits From the Trading Performance Analyzer
  • Improve your profitablity - by knowing your metrics and where to focus, this shows you exactly where you can make large and small improvements.  This is huge!  If you improve your profitability just 2% each month, over a year's time that would be a 26.8% improvement because it compounds in your favor!
  • Boost your confidence and feel more optimistic

  • Know that you are working with the best - compare systems, strategies, signals, indicators, tweaks, whatever you want... and see which is best for you

  • Solidify your discipline - when you have PROVEN your system to yourself, it makes sticking to it a thousand times easier than if you're just going on hope or faith.

  • Know exactly what part of your trading needs attention and what efforts will bring you the results you desire
  • See the true capability of your current system to deliver profits

  • Avoid getting duped and losing money with systems, software, indicators or signals that won't live up to their promises - test them on real market data either through backtesting or in a demo account and know for sure if they work!

  • Save precious hours that are better spent with your family, friends, yourself or improving your trading!
  • Most importantly, you'll have an emotional safeguard because you won't be going on hope, faith or trust - you'll have hard numbers that speak the truth!

"In the Trading Performance Analyzer, Brian has brought together all the key statistical information that a trader needs to plan realistically for the future. 

Trying to figure it all out yourself is the kind of thing that is dull and difficult to work out, but is crucial for giving the trader the confidence to get on and trade a system, concentrating on execution, while knowing what the reward for consistently applying the rules will be. 

You can play around with different figures for income withdrawal, and see the effect on the end equity. 

The information the Trading Performance Analyzer provides represents an important edge for the trader, and is an essential tool if you are serious about trading as a business."

- Julian Karolyi, Individual Trader
Edinburgh, UK

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Special Bonus #1

mp3 recording of an interview between David Jenyns and myself discussing Backtesting and System Analysis, plus questions from traders answered.  Powerful information to help you get the greatest return from your efforts!

Special Bonus #2

Special report - "How to Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Trading" - in this report you'll find a very practical and unique solution to an obstacle that many traders face, yet is not even mentioned in any of the books on trading that I've read.

Special Bonus #3

Any Updates to the Trading Performance Analyzer - forever!  That's right, you'll be sent a link to download any and all future updates to the TPA.

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My Promise to You

I am so absolutely certain that the Trading Performance Analyzer is worth every penny and so much more to you, that I guarantee it's value to you.  If at anytime for the next 60 days, you feel that this tool has failed to give you the insights you need to take your trading to the next level, then send me an email letting me know how it has failed you and I will gladly refund your money.  Simple as that.

"The TPA is an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool for tracking your trading.

If you don't have the TPA, you're trading in the dark."

Fay Benjamin
Brisbane, QLD
Individual Trader

Quick Summary of The Ways The Analyzer Gives You A MAJOR Edge
  • Your results with your current system will improve by having hard-numbers, PROOF of the strengths and weaknesses of your current system.  This information replaces the vaugeness, doubt and anxiety with much greater confidence with it, making the discipline to stick to it easy

  • Your consistency will improve from seeing your numbers from month to month

  • You will make calculated and measurable improvements to your current system by being able to test and analyze any changes to ensure betterment - before risking any money in the markets

  • You'll be able to compare systems whenever you're considering something new to KNOW if it's better than what you've already got - by filtering through any B.S. to the truth

  • You'll save time by having all this misson-critical information right at your fingertips, in a clean, simple and user-friendly format

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To use the spreadsheets that make up the Trading Performance Analyzer, you'll need Microsoft Excel, part of the MS Office Suite or something similar.  If you don't have Excel, you can use OpenOffice which functions just like MS Office including Excel, and you can download a copy of it FOR FREE by clicking the link below.

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P.S.  Aren't you tired of the anxiety, frustration and 'hoping' in your trading?  The Trading Performance Analyzer was created specifically to help you eliminate these problems - by addressing them at their source! 

Gain the confidence and discipline you desire without having to fight them! 

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P.P.S.  The Trading Performance Analyzer is GUARANTEED to help you trade more profitably.  Try it risk-free for 60 days, and if you're not happy with it just let me know and I'll refund your money.  Simple as that!

P.P.P.S.  Without the Analyzer, you are "trading in the dark" and missing easy opportunities to grow your profits, plus you're leaving yourself open to a whole mess of emotional challenges that will only result in mistakes, losses and frustration. 

Don't leave your trading profits to chance!  Get the Analyzer now and take control of your destiny!

Get the Analyzer now and see results!

Important Disclaimer

Trading involves substantial risk of loss at all times. 

You are fully and completely responsible for your own trading results.

Your purchase of the Trading Performance Analyzer is your acknowledgement that the merchant's liability is limited to the purchase price of the product.

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